Welcome to Adventure In Well Being, Detox Spa and Healing Sanctuary,

in Santa Rosa California, in beautiful Sonoma County.

Located in the heart of Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, California

With over 10 years of experience, we have developed a unique detox and nutrition program to help Super Moms feel lighter and sexier.

I know how difficult it can be when you’re tired all the time, feeling bloated or constipated.

Many of us used to have digestive problems that disrupted our life and zapped our energy. Fortunately, we discovered an easy, natural solution and now we have so much more energy for our active life styles.

Busy mom, perhaps you heard about us from a friend, a family member or you saw us on TV50 or read about us in The 10-day Better Body Cleanse, ©2012.

Learn Why Guests have Returned Again and Again for, the last 10 years to detox and transform their lives and their bodies.

Feel lighter and sexier and have more energy for the rest of your life

Understand how digestive problems are impacting your life and what you can do to start creating a lasting solution

Feel relief that you’re not alone and there’s a natural way to get help without medication


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