10 Day Better Body Complete Cleanse

Here’s how the 10-Day Better Body Complete Cleanse can help you transform your body and your life:

  • To cleanse and remove waste, parasites,
    heavy metal, mucus, etc…
  • To rehydrate the bowel
  • To repair the gut wall
  • To replace digestive enzymes and rebalance flora
  • To repair the gut-brain connection
  • To reeducate yourself about your intestine
  • To experience regular, healthy elimination
  • To eliminate cravings
  • To detox negative thoughts and unhealthy habits
  • To feel lighter and sexier
  • To feel safe & supported for the whole 10 days cleanse. We are here for you!

No Obligation, Just Information.
This Cleanse includes:

  • 10 Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Daily herbs & implant
  • Daily fresh organic juice or smoothie
  • Daily fresh soup + recipes
  • Daily liquid probiotic
  • Liver Cleanse, Kidney Cleanse
  • Massage (1) ( When you pay in full)
  • Emotional Cleanse
  • Ion Foot Detox Bath (2)
  • Infrared Sauna (8), skin brush,
  • Lymph massage daily on Zaaz machine
  • Biomat daily
  • Essential oils for your condition
  • One month supply of herbs to replenish
  • Daily cleanse  education, journal, DVD, books


Health is an adventure. Enjoy it.
Call now to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Before I started, I had back pain, join pain and so it was hard to exercise, it made me cranky, hard to sleep, pain, pain, pain.

What inspired me to do “The 10-Day Better Body Complete Cleanse” was that I wanted to improve the quality of my life what the Doctors couldn’t seem to do. I liked that you offered a full service with food and that your office was so clean.

The results were amazing: I lost weight starting the first day. After the liver cleanse my body aches improved drastically. Everyday got better.

Now I feel happier, my mood is not cranky, I feel uplifted and empowered.

K.M. from Santa Rosa, 8/28/13

Dear Christine

When I came to see Christine at Adventures in Well Being for a ten day cleanse. I had my doubts about what I was about to do, and wither if it would help me at all. At first I found it embarrassing and uncomfortable the process. But as I listen to the tapes each day as I clean my body. I understood there was a reason I was uncomfortable. And when Christine explained to me that are body’s carry and store past things in are organs and intestines. I started to imagine that the painful childhood I had was apart of my feeling weak and sick all the time . Not only that the stomach problems and bad digestion. But what really hit home was when she asked me if I wanted to live of not. And at that moment I answered I want to live. That was the time I made the commitment to make it through this strange new adventure I was on… read more