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Food Sensitivity / Intolerance

What Is It? Food sensitivity (sometimes called intolerance) is a term used to indicate symptomatic responses when particular foods are eaten. Food sensitivities and intolerances tend to create more subtle symptoms than allergic responses, although over time, their impact on health and vitality can be dramatic. In traditional medical circles, [...]

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What is your Candy Personality Types?
Shake the Sugar Blues

What does “Shake the Sugar Blues” mean? Are you feeling? Depressed Heavy Moody Tired Brain fog Can anyone here relate? Self  Magazine conducted a study on sugar consumption in the office. “ We've noticed that the candy jar has replaced the watercooler as the workplace hot spot: By midafternoon, the [...]

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Skinny Gut Diet

by Brenda Watson What Is It? I’d like to share with you your very own inner weight loss secret. If you knew that you had within you one thing that could change your weight loss fate for good – and that scientific research could prove it – would you be [...]

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14 Amazing Ways to use Coconut oil this Fall!

Coconut oil can be used for so many things. You can cook with it, it taste delicious and the health benefits are astounding! Coconut oil is great in showers. It is a great cleanser as well as a moisturizer.  You can also keep it on your nightstand as a feet [...]

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Here is what the doctor will not tell you!

Do you have too many toxins in your life? Here is how to dissolve them! You think you are healthy and at the same time you struggle with low energy, especially mid afternoon. You don’t feel right. You are irritable, your stomach is cramping, you can’t sleep and your head [...]

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What is a Detox? 3 recipes to get started.

A detox or de-toxification program (also called a cleanse) is the process of extracting, neutralizing and eliminating accumulated waste, pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metal, mucous, parasites, pus, lymph fluids, fungus, toxic chemical, poisons …from your body. This waste can stagnate in your cells, fat, skin, muscles, and organs. One of the [...]

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Spring into action. 7 ways to a flatter belly!

Stop fantasizing about a tummy tuck. The best flat-belly fix is a combination of simple everyday habits including eating real foods, colon cleanse, focused exercise and de-stressing. Too much belly fat can raise the risk of heart disease, so trimming your middle is a great goal for your overall health. [...]

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Why is it so important to cleanse and tone your colon?

Fiber A diet of meat, eggs and dairy has zero fiber. So when we eat it, it sticks to our bowel. Now if we add wheat and flour we have glue. Also our sedentary lifestyle and stress promotes constipation. Americans have the highest incident of colon and rectal disease in [...]

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Do you suffer from sinus, lung and chest congestion?

We think of mucus as a bad thing because it congests us and obstructs our breathing during a sinus infection, asthma or a cold. But this mucus protects the body. We take 22.000 breaths a day, absorbing oxygen, dirt, pollen, germs, smoke and chemicals. So mucous build-up is a sign [...]

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The power of cold shower to clean your lymph glands and dissolves belly fat

We think of detox and we think about juicing, smoothies, juice fasts or elimination diets. Really, healthy detoxification happen every day and the more you can naturally support your liver to do the 500 jobs it must perform in your body, the healthier you will be. The lymphatic system is [...]

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