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Discover why belly bloat occurs

Do you have a bulging belly and you are just not sure why? You tried everything, diet, exercise, and maybe even a little nip and tuck, but still your belly is still bloating and you don’t know why. In order to end belly bloat for good, you must first understand […]

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Constipated? Why Doesn’t Your Colon Work?

I’ll bet that if you have been experiencing constipation on a regular basis and have looked for solutions, you’ve heard a million times that you should drink more water and eat more fiber. While that is good advice and works for many people,  there are just as many who remain […]

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The Secret to Great Colon Health is in your Fridge!

Did you know that cancer of the colon and the rectum is the 3rd most common type of cancer that affects both men and women in the United States? What’s even more shocking is that colon cancer can be prevented. If colon and rectum cancer can be prevented, why do […]

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How to Eat Your Way to Slim in Healthy in 2015

This is the time of year where New Year’s resolutions are on the tip of everyone’s tounge. Of course, it is no secret that the number one New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. Whether it is to drop 10 pounds, 20 pounds or 30 pounds, everyone seems to be […]

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5 Fun and Simple Ways to Eat Clean This Holiday Season!

This is the time of year where juicy turkeys, delicious desserts, and tempting starchy foods will be calling your name. Visiting family and friends doesn’t help either. Each home you visit, there will be tables filled with cakes, pies, sweets, alcohol and enough food for a king. While it’s great […]

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5 Secret Ways to a Healthy Colon

The holidays are quickly approaching us and before you know it there will be turkeys roasting, carolers caroling, eggnog drinking, and a whole lot of tantalizing food that is sure to have you packing on pounds as fast as you can say Happy Holidays! But you know what else the […]

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Parasite Diet and Cleanse

Different parasites can infect the Intestines. With world travel, parasites infections are more common lately. They can cause symptoms such as:

Loss of appetite
Stomach pain

Parasites come from contaminated food or water, and people who have low gut flora or weakened immune system, may also have some.

What is a parasite?

It’s an organism […]

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Discover an all-natural solution to full and vibrant hair!

You have a love/hate relationship with your hair. You wash it, style it, and even decorate it with stylish barrettes, pins and headbands. However, it seems like your hair does not love you that much. Nowadays, your hair is falling out, filled with dandruff and thinning. You are simply at […]

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Who needs vitamins
when you have this powerful super food that does way more than boost your energy?

You heard countless times; eat plenty of fruits and vegetables; diet and exercise; and take a multi-vitamin daily.

While diet and exercise play a crucial role to overall health, vitamins may not be all they appear to be. Many healthcare professionals say that vitamins have no proof that they are able […]

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Spring Cleaning
Discover How to Clean Your Home Without Nasty and Toxic Chemicals!

The groundhog has seen its shadow and we have another 6 weeks of winter. However, don’t let the little ball of fur discourage you from starting your spring cleaning now. Before you know it, flowers will bloom, the sun will shine, and spring will be here.

While it’s still a little […]

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