What to avoid

What to avoid

Remember, after your cleanse, your body is on vacation and deserves a good rest with no work to do. Be gentle with your body and enjoy your baptism from within to awaken the new healthy, beautiful, awesome you!

NO alcohol — your cells need to rejuvenate, don’t confuse them.
NO bread — flour and water make glue.
NO caffeine — it kills natural bowel flora and you need them!
NO meat — it takes too long to digest.
NO milk products — they coat the colon and cause mucus.
NO nuts or seeds — they are rough on healing pockets.
NO salad — (unless juiced)
NO fruits with seeds or skin — they are too hard on healing pockets.
(NO berries, cherries, kiwis, grapes, etc.)
NO pakalolo (marijuana) — your clarity is important and your lungs need a rest.
NO tobacco — this is a good opportunity to quit smoking.
Ask for assistance if you need it.
NO recreational drugs or non-prescription medications or supplements.
Focus on rejuvenation!
If your miracle is to get off medications, please talk to us!

Choose foods that are wholesome, unprocessed and delicious. Eat slowly. Practice chewing your foods with love and gratitude. Let these practices stay with you the rest of your life.

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