4 Simple Ways to Detox Your Liver – Have You Done an Oil Change This Spring?

4 Simple Ways to Detox Your Liver – Have You Done an Oil Change This Spring?

Have you ever seen a guy that was so in love with his car? And I am not talking about love, but totally infatuated & obsessed with his big piece of machinery. He’s out there washing it every day to make sure it looks good and presentable on the outside. Not only that, but he makes sure the inside is clean; he only puts premium gas in his car and the creme de la creme of oil. He makes sure the oil is changed every 3,000 miles and he takes pride and joy in his “Riding Beauty.” You may be thinking what does a Car fanatic have to do with you cleansing your liver? If you think about it, cleansing your liver is like changing the oil filter in the car. The oil filter takes in all of the bad particles and make sure they don’t get to the engine. The liver performs the same function by filtering out the harmful toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis.

Your liver is one of the largest and most important organs in your body. Weighing an average of 3 pounds, your liver performs over 500 essential functions to make sure your body is operating properly.

Your liver is a natural detox agent; it has special cells known as Kuppfer cells, which are able to destroy 99% of harmful bacteria. These cells amongst other things help the liver rid your body of toxins naturally.

If you suffer from Insomnia, Constipation, Allergies, Depression, Asthma and a variety of other physical symptoms, you may have an unhealthy liver.

The liver works hard to make sure the harmful toxins stay out of your body, however, when you eat fatty, starchy, and unhealthy foods, in addition to consuming drugs and alcohol, the liver has to work extra hard to filter out the toxins.

And when your liver is overworked it can’t perform to its fullest, so the toxins are released into your bloodstream causing various symptoms like fatigue, hormonal imbalances, weakened immune systems, and allergies just to name a few.

Luckily, there are simple steps that you can take to make sure your liver is always performing at its best. That’s why most doctors and liver health experts recommend that you cleanse your liver on a regular basis. Just like the car fanatic changes his oil every few thousand miles to keeps the engine running smoothly, you have to do the same with your liver.

Here are 4 Simple ways to detox your liver starting today:

· Eat a High Fiber Diet – It’s no secret that Fiber plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy weight, however, fiber also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy liver. The liver helps with the production of bile. Fiber binds to bile in the large intestines. Bile carries the stored fat soluble toxins away from the liver so they can be eliminated during a bowel movement. Leafy greens like kale, spinach, and broccoli are loaded with fiber. Don’t forget about your succulent full of fiber fruits as well. However, make sure your fruits and veggies are both organic for better results.

· Fasting – Just like your intestines need a break, so does your liver. Your liver is always at work, eliminating toxins as well as processing the carbohydrates, fats and proteins you digest. Sometimes it is best to give your liver a break and go on a juice fast. When you don’t eat for a few days the body actually starts the elimination process and removes toxins naturally and effortlessly throughout the body. Going on a fast also helps restore balance to your liver and other internal organs.

· Do a liver /gall bladder flush – When have you done your last car oil change? What about the oil change on your body? It’s time. It’s easy and quick..

· Natural Herbs – It is always best to choose a natural alternative to cleansing. Herbs have been around since ancient times, and many liver cleansing formulas have a wide variety of effective herbs that help aid the liver detoxification process. There are many liver cleansing products on the market; it’s wise to choose products that have natural cleansing herbs. Or you can purchase the herbs separately from your local vitamin/health store. Some of the fast acting herbs that detox your liver include but are not limited to:

· Milk Thistle – This powerful herb is known to be filled with antioxidants which protect your liver from damage. These antioxidants work by preventing toxins to get absorbed by the liver.

· Dandelion Root -This little root acts as a natural diuretic, in addition to purifying the blood and the liver.

· Artichoke Extract – This helps increase the bile flow of the liver

There are a variety of ways you can detox your liver. However, detoxing your liver is an on-going process that should be practiced on a regular basis for the rest of your life.

You only get one liver, so it’s important to learn how the liver works and what steps you need to take to make sure it is performing at its most optimal level. If you continue to eat organic foods that are packed with fiber and do your part to keep the environment clean, you are one step ahead, and your liver will thank you.

Remember to change your oil this spring!

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