5 Ways to Release Toxic Emotions

Christine M. Esters

5 Ways to Release Toxic Emotions

Toxic Emotions: Discover 5 Ways to Release Toxic Emotions

Have you ever felt sad, depressed, and angry or even a loss of purpose? Of course, from one point in your life or another, you experienced or will experience these emotions. They are part of every day life, but they don’t have to be. If you don’t know how to deal with toxic emotions, you can be causing more harm than good to your body. An emotional detox will help you get the proper healing you need.

Letting Go of Toxic Emotions

It’s not rare to hear about detoxing your colon for optimal health, but what about detoxing your emotions? Just like you detox your body, you should detox your mind. It’s no secret that the mind and the body are connected. In fact, research has proven when the mind is under stress it can cause physical symptoms. Not only that, but high levels of stress, because of a believe system, has been linked to certain conditions like heart disease & high blood pressure. That’s why so many physicians & spiritual advisors tell you to guard your mind. Toxic emotions can literally kill you! Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to clear your mind, restore your health, and get your body back in balance.

  1. Start with a Colon Cleanse – After successful colon cleanses, many colon hydrotherapist can contribute to the fact that their clients feel happier after a colon cleanse. Some practitioners believe that intestinal matter helps hold negative emotions in place. So, when a colon detox is performed it purges out toxins as well as negative emotions.
  2. Perform a Healing Ceremony- A healing ceremony can be simple as a daily ritual of walking, dancing, breathing, prayer or whatever makes you relaxed and calm. A healing ritual can be performed alone or with someone you respect and trust. The purpose is to accept and release your negative emotions. Once you start the healing process you will start to feel more alive in your body.
  3. Get a Massage– A massage will most likely put you in a serene state. However, when pressure is applied to tense areas throughout your body, a lot of blocked emotions will be released. It would be ideal to get a daily massage, however, if you are on a budget once a week or once a month will do.
  4. Practice Yoga- Yoga is more than just bending and stretching. When you practice yoga, you become aware of your breath and your body. You are also strengthening your muscles, organs & joints, by doing so you are releasing blocked energy and suppressed emotions. Yoga should be practiced daily or at least 3 to 5 times a week. If you can’t commit to numerous yoga sessions, try deep breathing for 5 minutes a day.
  5. Get in Tune with Nature– Going for a brisk walk in the morning sun or standing before the gentle ocean will boost your endorphins and make you appreciate the beauty of nature. Some studies have shown that gardening has had a great impact on releasing negative emotions. All you need is a pocketful of sunshine and you will see how great life can be under any circumstance.

There is nothing more liberating and energizing than detoxing your emotions.

-Watch you thoughts; they become words.
-Watch your words; they become actions.
-Watch your actions; they become habits.
-Watch your habits; they become your character.
-Watch your character; it becomes your destiny – Frank Outlaw

So, when toxic emotions start to surface you know exactly what to do to keep you at ease and in good health. Follow these tips on a daily basis and watch how fulfilling your life will be.

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