Stay Healthy and Be Grateful for it

There is no doubt that life can be challenging, but it can also be a joy.  Despite life’s trials and tribulations there is so much to be grateful for, such as health, friendships, family, job opportunities and spiritual guidance and support.  Not everyone is even aware that they are grateful for something until it is taken away from them, but no one should wait until they lose something before appreciating its value. But one of the most precious things we should be grateful for is our health.

All Aspects of your Health is something to be Grateful for

To enjoy many things in life, many people don’t realize that they have to be healthy.   And when I say healthy, I mean physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  All of these play an important role in staying healthy.  Because if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.  So let’s take a look at ways we can be thankful for our health no matter what state it is in.  If you are healthy in all areas good for you, and if you have poor health, don’t worry, there’s always room for improvement.    Here are a few ways to be thankful for your health.

How to show Gratitude in all areas of Your Health

  1. For Mental Health, I write in my gratitude journal on a daily basis, and think of all the things I am grateful for throughout the day, even if I went out of my way to say hello to a stranger.  You never know that stranger may have needed a friendly face to make her day.
  2. For Emotional Health- I express myself with my friends, family and clients.  I let them know how much I love and appreciate them, and I also let them know if I have an issue or concern that needs to be discussed.  By expressing my emotions, I’m grateful that I have friends, family and clients who understand and respect my wishes.
  3. For Spiritual Health– I like to take brisk walks and perform healing ceremonies to clear any negative energy out of my space.  I’m grateful for the fact that I’m  human and I have special rituals that  help me clear negative energy and reinforce positive light and joy to people who I love and cherish.
  4. For Physical Health- I am grateful that there are many options for me to have fresh, organic and raw foods that nourish my body, and feed my soul.    I bless my food every day, because without it, I would not have the energy to serve my clients and be at my best for the people who need me the most.  I make sure I exercise regularly, and detox and cleanse my body to rid the toxins.  I am so grateful for the many natural products and foods that allow me to live  a healthy lifestyle.

I am grateful for my health, gratitude about my day, and my gratitude journal.   I express myself with friends, family, and clients.  I make sure to let them know the 3 things I’m grateful for in my life.    That’s why I love this quote by Angela Arrien, it goes like this:

Gratitude before me,

Gratitude behind me,

Gratitude to the right of me,

Gratitude to the left of me,

Gratitude above me,

Gratitude below me,

Gratitude within me,

So, let me ask you what are you grateful for today?

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