Even Rats Do It – You Mean Detox?

Even Rats Do It – You Mean Detox?

Human beings take in a variety of food substances every day in different meals throughout the day. In this intake of varied amount and types of foods, there is the presence of good amount of toxic substances. These substances high in toxicity bind with the bile and thus, are removed from the body by means of bowels. However, if the intake amount of food, rich in toxicity, occurs then the capability of the liver and also the gallbladder in coping with so much toxicity decreases and this paves the way for birth of diseases like liver fibrosis, etc.

A Japanese Study Confirms How Rats Detox Naturally

Detoxification of liver is related to colon cleansing and removal of accumulated fecal matters in the intestine. This liver – detox process is also common amongst animals like rats, mice, etc. Japanese researchers conducted a study on this and found out and published in a reputed journal named “Carcinogenesis” in the month of February in 2004, that the damage to the livers of some rats caused by the harmful effects of aflatoxins was reduced to almost 65 percent by providing those animals with the juice of grape fruits. These aflatoxins are borne by fungi which are microscopic and appear due to consumption of toxic foods in the intestine, liver, etc. and they do a lot of harm to body. The rats showed signs of inhibiting the aflatoxins on being served with the said juices. A similar remedial effect is likely to be observed in human body also. To urge the process of liver detoxification, fruits which are citrus, rich in Vitamin C content, etc. must be consumed. These juices help a lot in detoxification process. Obviously, these fruits should be fresh, organic and not pasteurized. Also, some herbs are useful, mainly those which have a content of ginger, jujube, bupleurum, etc. and such are found in Japan and also in China like the Sho-saiko-To.

It’s Okay to Detox

Our bodies come in contact with toxins that enter into our bloodstream on a daily basis. That’s why it may be difficult to detox on a daily basis. However, if you adopt some “advice” from the rats, you can see when you detox with organic fruits it will help eliminate toxins from your liver and your body. However, there’s much more to detox than fruits. You can detox by investing in natural detox cleansers on the market, or start a healthy juicing diet. No matter which way you choose, you will be doing something good for your body and you will feel lighter, sexier and happier!

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