Do I need a liver cleanse?

Do I need a liver cleanse?

The last 10 years, I have been clearing all of my health issues.

I experimented on my body by doing liver, gall bladder flushes. What a journey! Trusting, testing, researching.

When do I know if I need  a liver cleanse:

  • blurry eyesight
  • itchy feet – knee pain
  • right neck pain
  • overweight
  • and on and on

Anyway the last 10 years, I have done 32 liver, gall bladder cleanses on myself. This one picture is the result of my last one today, February 20, 2013.  Is it easy, no, but quick and inexpensive.. It’s a choice, a liver cleanse or an operation to remove all the toxin from the body. We change the oil of our car, what about changing the oil in our body?

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