72 Essential oil uses, you’ve never thought of

72 Essential oil uses, you’ve never thought of

lavendar-oilThese  are Essential oils uses that are odd, or you have likely never heard of before.

1)  Fruit or veggie wash
Add 3-5 drops of a citrus oil to 2qts–1 gallon of water in a bowl, mix well, then use as a wash fruits and vegetables. Dry well.  Will also help prevent premature molding or rotting.

2)  Small cuts, scrapes
Believe it or not, Peppermint oil is soothing to open wounds, and is highly anti-bacterial.  Small cut and scrapes will feel better and heal quickly.  Apply or spray neat.

3)  Sunburn – Apply WHAT!!
Believe it or not, Peppermint oil is cooling and soothing to sunburns. Make a spray and use neat or 5–10 drops in a few tbps’s of distilled water. It will help protect against infection, however, consider that lavender or frankincense has better healing properties for burns. Apply lavender or frankincense then layer with peppermint spray to drive the oils and cool and comfort the skin.

4)  Poison Ivy, oak
Combine calamine lotion with peppermint (1tblsp with 5 drops) and apply to itchy area’s.

5)  Thicker, fuller hair
Add 20-50 droops of Rosemary to shampoo &/or conditioner for thicker, fuller hair, and to slow thinning.  (Does not help re-grow hair)  And it smells wonderful, especially added to hair care.

6)  Hiccups
Add 4-5 drops of Peppermint to 1–2 tbps of room temperature water in a small glass or shot glass.  Swig, and the hiccups will usually stop immediately.

7)  Hot tube rash
Apply clear skin or on guard neat to area’s of hot tube rash.

8)  Hemorrhoids or backside & underside issues.

Hot sitz baths
A hot sitz bath is taken in warm water of 95–105º F / 35–41º C, with the water level not higher than your navel.  You can use a bath tube or large tub of some kind.  Mix 5–10 drops of essential oil with 1-2 tbps of coconut or other carrier oil.  Then add the oils to the water and agitate well.

Beneficial for:

  • hemorrhoids, piles
  • muscular issues
  • painful testicles
  • painful ovaries
  • uterine cramps
  • prostate issues

Consider; Cypress, deep blue, frankincense, helichrysum, etc.

9)  Cold sitz bath
In a cold sitz bath, water of only a few inches deep is used and should not be colder than 68º F / 20º C. A with the water level not higher than your navel.  You can use a bath tube or large tub of some kind.  Mix 5–10 drops of essential oil with 1-2 tbps of coconut or other carrier oil.  Then add the oils to the water and agitate well.

Beneficial for:

  • constipation
  • impotence
  • inflammation
  • vaginal discharge

Consider; Digest Zen, lavender, frankincense, geranium, helichrysum, rosemary, etc.

10)  Steam tent
Pour hot water into a bowl and add 5–10 drops of an essential oil to help clear sinus issues, ease bronchial issues and help relieve coughing.  Consider Breath, eucalyptus, citrus oils, rosemary, peppermint, melaleuca, etc.

11)  For serious sinus, cold and congestion issues
Neti pot

12)  For colds, flu, congestion, sore throat
Essential oil tea

13)  Essential oils and Compresses
Compresses are very effective in the application of essential oils.

14)  Carpet deodorizer
Take an cleaned out Pringles style can, use a hole punch to punch several holes in the lid.  Add 1 cup of baking soda and 20-40 drops of essential oil, mix well and put in the canister.  Sprinkle on carpet area’s and let sit for up to 1/2 hour then vacuum.  Deodorizes, and kills microbes.  Consider Citrus oils or blends, purify, lavender, white fir, peppermint, etc.

15)  Butt Bomb
Have a cough or tickle deep in your lungs you cannot get rid of?  Essential oils can be  effective against virus deep in the lungs, if you can get them there. Application to the back and chest followed by a warm compress is good, but if you want the quickest most effective way to the lungs, consider a “butt bomb.” (as my children so affectionately refer)  Insert, using a lubricated syringe or capsule a blend of 5 drops frankincense, 5 drops breathe and 5 drops lime.  Insert every 2–3 hours till relief comes.

16)  Vacuum fresh filter
Have a HEAPA or other filtered vacuum?  Put a few drops of your favorite oil on the filter and pop it back in.  Air flowing through the filter dispels amazing aroma throughout the room, and kills any nasty microbes or bacteria that might be hanging out in your vacuum.

17)  Tupperware yellowing
Often older Tupperware and plastics will begin to yellow and get sticky to the touch.  Use a drop of lemon and a drop of on guard with a nylon scrubber and a hot water rinse, and they will be just like new.

18)  The Big Day
Put 4-6 drops of Serenity, Balance or another calming oil on a cotton ball a place it in the center of a bride’s bouquet.  Any time she feels nervous or anxiety, impatience, etc… smell the bouquet deeply.

19)  Scuff Marks
Ugly black rubber can leave marks on vinyl, tile, wood, even car plastics and vinyl’s.  Lemon oil and Peppermint are both excellent at removing these marks.  Every oil is better with different types of marks.  So if one does not work, try the other.  Apply directly to the scuff, and then rub it with a towel or cloth.

20)  Tiny little splinters
Have you or someone you know come in contact with wood products that produce tiny little splinters?  Apply purify to these area’s 2-3 times prior to bed time, by morning most of  them will have worked themselves out.  It will prevent infection and soreness to the area too.

21)  Band Aid Goo.
Have you ever taken a band aid off and have sticky band aid goo residue?  2 drops of lemon oil rubbed on the area with a clean cloth will quickly remove the sticky residue.

22)  Oh no!  My Iron!
Ever had an accident with a hot iron that left melted residue to seemingly ruin your iron?  Try 1 drop each of On guard and lemon and rub with a cloth or rag.  With some rubbing, your iron will be like new.

23)  Permanent Marker (Child art)
Permanent marker is no match against a couple drops of lemon oil and some elbow grease.

24)  Foot powder, Stinky Feet
Add 15 drops of peppermint and 10 drops of Melaleuca to ½ cup of corn starch and mix well in an empty mini can of Pringles.  Then punch several holes in the plastic lid so it can be used as a shaker.  Apply in socks or shoes before getting dressed.  Replace the lid with holes with an airtight lid to keep the mixture fresh and usable.

25)  Cool feet
Add a few drops of peppermint to the souls of your shoes on a hot day or before a walk or run to keep your feet cool, and to help with unpleasant odors.  Add a few drops of Cypress if your feet sweat a lot.

26)  Cooling spay
Working hard on a hot, sweaty day?  How about an athlete burning calories during a hard practice, workout or game.  Maybe you’re just a spectator in the hot sweltering stands.  Get a spray bottle and add 10-20 drops of peppermint to a ½–1 cup of water and use as a cooling spray to the face, neck and base of the scull.  Not only is it cooling, but also invigorating.

27)  Sticky stickers
Ever want to meet the guy who decided to put individual price stickers on the bottom of every glass or cup in a dark alley?  Instead of getting even, get a solution.  Let a drop or two of lemon absorb onto the sticker for a few moments, then wipe clean.

28)  Super-glue
Super-glue is no match for lemon oil.  Especially if it has not set up for long, just a drop at points of contact and in a minute, it will become super-un-glued.

29)  Paint mistakes and over-spay
Lemon is extremely effective at removing over spray or painting mistakes.  Especially if the paint has not hardened or set for long.

30)  Spritz for hotel beds/room
Take a small spray bottle and add ½ cup of distilled water and 10-20 drops of Essential oil.  Spray around hotels rooms, including bed sheets and bathrooms, rental cars, or other areas to kill microbes and deodorize the area.

31)  Laundry
Kill microbes, germs, and other nasty critters in your laundry by adding 5 drops of melaleuca or on guard to your wash cycle.

32)  Spritz before ironing
Want to add some fantastic aroma to a freshly pressed shirt?  Add a couple drops of your favorite oil or blend to your water spritzer before pressing.

33)  Dishwaher
Add 10-20 drops of Lemon to your dishwasher’s rinse cycle for spot free dishes

34)  DVD-CD Cleaning
Did you know that lemon oil is great at cleaning DVD’s and CD’s and will even remove light scratches that could be causing playback problems.  Apply 3-5 drops on the surface of the disk, spread around the surface with a soft Kleenex or paper towel. Then wipe from the center of the disk to the outside edge till the oil is evaporated. If there are heavy scratches, you can leave the essential oil on the disc surface for a minute or two before wiping off.  Caution: If you use to much oil, with out wiping off, it can eat through the outer surface to the written data.

35)  Boost that immune system
Did you know that flavoring water with your favorite citrus oil will greatly boost your immune system.  Fight of cold and flu attacks, and reduce their severity by having a drop or two in every glass of water you drink.  And always drink a lot of water. Favorites:  Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit.

36)  Boost that immune system II
Did you know that daily “oil pulling” or “gargle and swish” will not only greatly boost your immune system, but will clean your mouth of microbes and germs  and protect against gingivitis?  Use 3–5 drops of on-guard in 1–2 tbsp of water, gargle for 60 seconds then swish around the mouth for 90 seconds or more, then spit and brush.  For more information on the Oil Pull, follow the link. http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs015/1103092363662/archive/1103259517682.html

37)  Grease cutter
Orange oil is well-known for its use as a cleaning agent to help break down grease and gum.

38)  Gum
Use lemon or Orange oil to remove gum from carpet, hair or Fido’s fur.

39)  Mechanics and Grease Monkeys
Cypress essential oil is often used to clean under fingernails and to dissolve old metallic paint from radiators in the home.

40)  Dryer
To create great smelling laundry, apply a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a wash cloth and add to the laundry during drying.  If you don’t want use anti-cling sheets, but have problems with static electricity, remove your load while still slightly damp.  This will also kill any microbes in your laundry or dryer.

41)  Infused Milks or Creams
Infuse your milk or cream with lavender, lemon or orange.  Great for creating sauces, Farces, Purees, Icings and Creamers.

42)  Child Tantrums
Take a childs favorite stuffed animal and put of few drops of their favorite oil on it.  During tantrums, let the child hold and smell the animal.  The aroma will be calming.  Consider: Citrus oils, balance or serenity.  Every child is different, find the oil that best calms him/her.

43)  Anxiety
Try putting 5 drops of Essential oil on your palm, then rubbing it over your chest and heart, the cup and inhale your hands.  This will help relieve anxiety or angina.  Consider: Peppermint, Cypress, Marjoram, and Frankincense.

44)  Breath freshener
Put a drop peppermint on your hand between the base of your thumb and index finger and take the drop into your mouth, holding under your tongue.  The peppermint will freshen breath for 10-15 min.

45)  Stay Awake
Put 5 drops of Peppermint on the palm of your hand and rub the back of your neck and base of the skull.  Then cup and inhale the residue from your hand.  You will feel the cooling effects of the peppermint in about 30–60 seconds.  It will make you more alert and help you wake up or stay awake.  Great if you have trouble getting up in the mornings or if you get drowsy easily in meetings, at the office or behind the wheel.

46)  Toothpicks/Kick the habits
Flavored toothpicks are not only fun to chew on, but for people trying to kick the smoking habit, or have a need for mouth fixations i.e. loosing weight, chewing habit, etc. They don’t add calories and they help satisfy the oral fixations.

Make highly concentrated flavored toothpicks by putting 10–20 drops of essential oil in a small vile with 10-20 toothpicks in it.  Shake well, the let them sit (on its side) for at least 24 hours, turning (rotating) every few hours.  Favorite oils are Cinnamon or Peppermint. Consider adding clove to help with addictions. (use caution with “hot” oils)

47)  Towel Joy
Make a spray with ½ cup of distilled water and 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil.  Spay your bath towel just before getting into the shower.  When you get out, enjoy the aroma of a fresh, essentially treated towel.

48)  Leather conditioner
Mix 10 drops of essential oil with ½ cup of neat’s-foot oil or food grade lanoline oil then spray and wipe leather surfaces to condition leather and protect from cracking.

49)  Relax the Spirit
Try a blend of 2 drops each of Frankincense and Peppermint or Frankincense and Cypress to the back of the neck to ease and relax a restless spirit.

50)  Flavored Ice Cubes
Make flavored Ice cubes for lemonade, water, or punch by adding a drop of essential oil to your ice tray.

51)  Bed time for Baby
Place a few drops of serenity, lavender or other calming oil on your baby’s blanket or stuffed animal, and let the aroma do its work at bed or nap time.

52)  Flavored Cream Cheese
Cream cheese and essential oil mix very well, and can be sweetened with honey or sugar.  Let you imagination go after that!

53)  Diffuse
Have you tried to diffuse…
Cassia… helps with awareness, mental acuity
Lemon… aids in concentration
On Guard or Eucalyptus… Boost the immune system, Kill flu and cold virus
Balance… While balancing the checkbook or having serious conversations.
Citrus oils… Make you happy!
Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Wild Orange or White fir… to bring in the Christmas spirit.

54)  Want stronger, healthier fingernails?
Massage a drop of lemon oil into your nails and cuticles twice a week.

55)  Mental Acuity
Research in Japan confirms that lemon aroma relaxes brain waves, resulting in improved concentration and reduced errors in office environments thus increasing productivity.

56)  Mental Clarity
Got Brain Fog?  Try sucking your thumb… with a drop of Melissa on it.  Brain Power!

57)  Pet Powder
Don’t enjoy that ‘wet dog’ smell?  Try this non-toxic powder.
1 Cup Corn Starch
5 drops Lavender
5 drops Geranium
4 drops Eucalyptus
Mix well, and keep in a small Pringles can with several holes in the top.  Sprinkle a small amount on your dog or pet gorilla and brush through the coat.  Will not only smell great, but repels ticks and other pests.

Use after bathing, trimming or when needed.  Keep airtight between uses.

58)  Book worm Aromas
Put a couple drops of Geranium on your book mark of your romance novel.  Try cinnamon book marks for your action novel, clove on your mystery novel or frankincense or Vetiver for your scriptures or holy scripts.

59)  Stationary Sensations
Put a couple drops of Geranium on your love letter stationary.  Infuse stationary for religious conversation with frankincense or Vetiver.  Try cinnamon & Frankincense blend for your financial letters.  Infuse stationary for dear friends or happy announcements with lemon and lavender, and for stationeries used for tough love, and serious communication, use Patchouli & Clove.

Put the oils on a small piece of paper, put it in a large zip lock bag with the stationary or envelope, and then seal it for 24 hours to infuse the stationary.  Or you can send the small piece of aroma paper in the envelope with the letter.

60)  Man up Fragrance
“Man up” Whisper essential oil blend by adding a drop of clove, Vetiver or frankincense to a drop or two of whisper.

61)  Sensual
A couple drops of Peppermint with some carrier increases blood circulation, making area’s more sensitive.

62)  Flavored Water
Add 1-3 drops of essential oil to your drinking water.  Consider Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, peppermint, slim and sassy, etc. Cleanses, refreshes, kills microbes.

63)  Flavored Milk
Ever tried Lemon or Lime essential oil in your milk?   You might be surprised.

64)  Wake up your potpourri
Liven up old potpourri that has lost it’s aroma by mixing 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil(s) to 2 tblsp of grapeseed oil then mixing with the potpourri.

65)  Fireplace or Campfire Joy
Place several drops of frankincense or Vetiver on a log and place in the fire for an enhanced earthy aroma.

66)   Fear of Flying?
Have a hanky available, and place Lavender, Balance, Serenity or other calming oil in it.  During times of anxiety, inhale the aroma in your hanky.

67)  Air filter Fumes
Every time you change the air filters in your home, place a few drops of on guard or other essential oil on the filter.  It will kill microbes in your duct work, and make your home smell wonderful for a short time.

68)  Suspect parasites & worms?
Do you suspect unwanted travelers with you?  Deep inside you?  Drink Lemon water several times per day for two weeks, see what happens!!

69)  Shot glass & Essential oils
Top uses of a shot glass and essential oils.


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