Discover why belly bloat occurs

Discover why belly bloat occurs

chicken-brocolliDo you have a bulging belly and you are just not sure why? You tried everything, diet, exercise, and maybe even a little nip and tuck, but still your belly is still bloating and you don’t know why. In order to end belly bloat for good, you must first understand the main culprits of your bulging belly. Here are 5 common reasons for a bloating belly.

  1. Food pairings – Yes, pairing certain foods with each other can cause your middle to appear larger than it really is. If you are mixing salty foods such as French fries, with bread, and high animal proteins, you will be sure to see your stomach bulge shortly after your meal. To avoid a bloating belly, it’s best if you mix a quality protein, with a non-starchy vegetable. Chicken and broccoli are and ideal combination to avoid belly bloat.
  2. Stress – Food is not the main culprit for a bulging belly; stress can also do the trick. Yes, extensive stress can cause your body to not proper functionally and cause your digestive tract to go out of whack. High levels of stress can cause stomach acid, ulcers, and increase cortisol levels, which are known for increasing belly fat.
  3. Bacteria – While there is good bacteria and bad bacteria, some bacteria can overgrow due to food poisoning or an infection. When this occurs, inflammation of the gut occurs, thus causing a bulging belly. Even after the infection has subsided, your digestive tract can slow down the movement of food, until it gets back to normal. If possible try to eat organic whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables and lean means. Also cook your own meals as much as possible, instead of eating out and risking your chance of eating foods that were prepared in unsafe working conditions.

Some other common reasons for belly bloat include, but are not limited to:

  • Gas
  • Imbalance of bacteria in the small intestine
  • Food allergies
  • Reaction to antibiotics
  • Poor food choices
  • Stomach acid
  • Enzyme deficiency

Discover how you can end belly bloat once and for all!

So, how can you end belly bloat? Well, when it comes to your belly, digestive system, and small and large intestines, it’s all about changing your diet. If you want to beat the battle of the bulge, here are some things you can try.

Decrease your sodium intake – It’s no secret that diets high in sodium, can cause you’re a bloating belly. Instead of going for a salty option, choose a food high in fiber.

Add more fiber to your diet – A diet without fiber is a recipe for disaster. Without fiber, you can increase your chances of becoming constipated, which can create belly bloating. Make sure you are eating organic fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and rich with powerful nutrients.

Stay away from carbonated drinks and sodas – It’s no secret that most carbonated drinks contain fizz and a lot of acidic properties. These drinks are known to cause gas, which can create a bloating belly. Ditch the carbonated drinks, and opt for a healthier, sugar free alternative such as water, green tea or natural fruit smoothies.

Get your daily dose of fennel oil – Fennel essential oil has soothing properties that alleviate the stomach from IBS, constipation, and other stomach conditions. Mix fennel oil in your favorite tea or drink, and watch your belly bloat go down!

In some cases of belly bloat, it can be a case that requires medical attention. If you tried everything to avoid belly bloat, and it still occurs, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to discover the main cause. However, if you rule out all medical reasons, try these simple and easy approaches to defeat belly bloat today!

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