9 Quick Tips for Your Fall Junk Food Cleanse!

Autumn fruit

9 Quick Tips for Your Fall Junk Food Cleanse!

autumn-fruitAre you ready to change the way you eat?

This is a quick list full of tips and tricks to eliminate junk and start feeling lighter and healthier. Try to focus on one per day and feel the difference these big changes can make in just a week.

  1. Give your kitchen a quick makeover. Toss the foods you know have junk ingredients.
  2. You are responsible for what you put in your mouth. Replace your snacks with real, whole foods.
  3. Hydration is a must. Is your water bland. Jazz up your 4 liter with lemon or peppermint essential oil.
  4. Are you stressed, bored, depressed? Are your emotions pushing you to eat junk foods? Take a journal and release them to stop your cravings.
  5. Do you give your body enough rest time? Make quality sleep a priority, it’s a miracle solution.
  6. Are your cravings triggered by a negative relationship? Create relationships that support who you are.
  7. Connect fully with you. Craving for crunchy foods is the sign of a restless mind. Be silent for 5 minutes, focus on your breath and re-center.
  8. Schedule daily exercise. Move your body and quiet your mind, you will feel so, so good that you will not want junk foods.
  9. Make you work place a junk free place. Bring only healthy treats like beautiful seasonal fruits and teas.

Health is a journey. Enjoy it!

Listen to your wonderful body and discover what feeds your body and soul.

If you want my support for a 10-Day Fall Junk Food Cleanse and so much more tips, exercise and food for thought, feel free to email me. We’ll create powerful changes for you.

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