Spring into Healthy New Routines: 5 Quick Tips

Spring into Healthy New Routines: 5 Quick Tips

As you emerge from the winter months ready to refocus your health and nutrition goals, now is a good time to remember that spring cleaning is not just about taking care of those long-overdue household chores. Here are five quick tips to help you tackle your internal clutter and start the season on a healthier note:

  1. Jumpstart with an herbal cleanse.* Think of it as spring cleaning on the inside. Herbal cleansing works with your body’s natural detoxification processes to help eliminate waste and toxins and promote digestive regularity.* Look for a beginner or advanced cleanse made with herbs and other ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle.*
  2. Spend more time outdoors. As the days get longer and the sunlight lingers, try to spend more time outdoors. Studies tell us that being in nature soothes the brain and promotes a positive mood, but the benefits go far beyond that. Spending time in green spaces—such as a garden or a city park—has been linked to improvements in heart health, lower stress levels, and even a longer life span.
  3. Give your diet a makeover. Do you notice that certain foods impact the way you look and feel? Good nutrition is essential for a healthy mind and body, which is why many experts recommend a Mediterranean diet that emphasizes plenty of healthy fats, leafy green veggies, low-sugar fruits, fish, whole grains, and nuts.
  4. Catch a few more ZZZs. A good night’s sleep helps your whole body function properly and is important for maintaining a healthy weight, reducing stress, and supporting a positive mood. With the beginning of Daylight Saving Time this month, remember that most experts recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep for optimal health. Start slowly by going to bed a half hour to an hour earlier each night, and try to avoid late-night screen time.
  5. Take the stairs more. Taking the stairs just a few times a day has been shown to help lower the risk of heart disease and stroke as well as to help maintain healthy metabolism and brain function. Experts also point out the benefits of stair climbing to build leg, abdomen and lower-back strength.

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