Do you know where TOXINS come from?

Do you know where TOXINS come from?

1. Simply living creates waste

Every organ and cell in your body consumes foods (like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, protein, sugar and fat) to function. Then by utilizing and burning this fuel, your body creates metabolic waste.

This waste, normally, is eliminated on a regular basis as poop from your colon, urine from your kidneys, bile and liquid toxins from your liver, sweat from your skin, CO2 from your lungs, and cellular waste from your blood that is picked up and removed by your lymphatic system. Your body must continuously eliminate solid, liquid and gas waste to be ALIVE.

2. We absorb so much poisons and toxins everyday

AIR: An EPA study concluded that air inside American homes is up to 70 TIMES higher than outdoor air and that toxic fumes from common household cleaners cause cancer. In fact the air we breathe has less oxygen content today than ever before while it has the highest concentration of pollution and chemical emissions.

FOOD: According to the FDA, the average American grocery cart has well over 100 + different highly toxic chemicals in it. Processed food, fast food, microwave food, canned, frozen, dehydrated, reconstituted, convenience food was only made for disaster survival. Now it has become the mainstay of the American diet.  FRESH FOOD has almost disappeared.

WATER: During a 10-minute shower, the human body absorbs the same amount of CHLORINE as if you drank 20 gallon of tap water. They is no water to be found on earth that doesn’t contain industrial wastes and cancer forming chemicals from industrial transformer PCB and 10.000 different pharmaceutical drugs.

DRUGS: Drugs accumulates in our bodies from the drugs we have taken, even the ones we have taken years ago. They can still remain in the tissues and cells of our body for years even decades. Also they accumulate in the water from prescription drugs flushed in toilet or dumped into landfills.

HEAVY METALS: Heavy metals can be from many sources: mercury from seafood, old tooth fillings and everything from childhood immunizations to flu shots that are preserved with mercury. We all have been exposed to lead from paints to Christmas tree tinsel to radioactive materials from X-Rays, radioactive CT scan sand MR’s or microwave ovens.

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