5 tips for Holidays Survival

5 tips for Holidays Survival

Imagine this…

You make it through the entire holiday season without the bloating, fatigue or weight gain.

It is possible. I know because I developed a plan to make it through the holidays feeling fabulous.

This plan has solutions for you whether you’re tempted by grandma’s homemade pie at your family get-together, struggling to keep your cocktail intake in check at parties, or wondering what to eat if you’re traveling and on the go.

5 Tips for Holidays Survival

Everyone knows it’s hard to stay healthy around the holidays. Overeating and eating fun food can activate nausea, headache or cause you to gain unnecessary weight to affect your health.

Before the festivities begin, consider these 5 Better Body strategies for a healthy holiday season:

  1. Be prepared for delicious temptations in advance. Bring enzyme with you to break down wheat gluten and milk casein, along with a probiotic to calm intestinal inflammation.
  2. Get exercise any way you can – to promote healthy digestion and balance holiday stress, walk or yoga.
  3. Mind the principal of 80/20. Eat slowly, chew, put your fork down and until you are 80% full so that digestive enzymes can do their job.
  4. Eat a pre-meal. The best way to avoid temptation at a holiday party is to fill up on healthy foods beforehand like vegetables (carrots, turnips, radishes …) and drink 4 glasses of water because drinking your 4 quarts a day is a must.
  5. Share fermented goodies. If you get the opportunity, bring probiotic-rich foods like coconut water kefir (check my blogor cultured veggies to a party. Make a festive drink with sparkling mineral water, apple cider vinegar and honey with a wedge of lemon in a champagne glass to ring the New Year.

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