8 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Gut

8 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Gut

Want a healthy gut?

After struggling with bloating and constipation, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Health Coach.

I knew that once I learned how to balance my nutrition and my lifestyle, my health and gut health would improve. And, I did. One way that, I changed my gut health.

Why does that matters?

  • The gut is the gatekeeper to things you want to let in and things you want to keep out of the body
  • It’s the second brain and it influences almost every other organ.

I’m the Boss

When God made man there was only one, and the various parts of the body argued about who would be boss. The hands said they should be because they did the work. The feet said they should be because they took man to where he could do the work and get the food. The stomach thought it should be because it digested the food. The heart thought it should be because it pumped the blood that allowed the food to be digested by the stomach and reach the body. The brain said, “no I have to send all the signals to get each of you to do your job, therefore I am boss.” The colon said, “I’ll show you who is boss,” and clogged up and would not let anything pass. After a few days the stomach ached—the hands were practically helpless—the feet could not carry the body—the heart was ready to stop pumping blood—the brain’s signals were being ignored. To all this there is a moral…

  • Gut health impacts dis-ease, immune system, inflammation, mood…

Top 8 tips for a happy, Healthy gut

  1. Listen to your gut signals, like hunger, satisfy, discomfort. Be with your body, present.
  2. Crowd out sweets, carbs and processed foods. Replace sugar with fruits and package foods with a shorter list of ingredients.
  3. Take a daily probiotic.
  4. Fiber up on veggies, fruits and whole grains.
  5. Add a healthy fat to help digest your fiber.
  6. Try fermented foods. Kombucha, kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, kimshi and natto are great sources.
  7. Choose organic, especially animal products. No-GMO, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics. Read labels.
  8. Do colon hydrotherapy to sooth and wash your colon. Same as washing the outside of your body.

Okay, who is ready to make some Kombucha? Go to my blog to learn more http://betterbodycleanse.blogspot.com/2018/04/make-your-own-delicious-kombucha.html

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