Do you need a Bladder/ Kidney Cleanse?

Do you need a Bladder/ Kidney Cleanse?

Your kidneys are responsible for the elimination of waste from protein breakdown. Concentrated protein wastes can cause chronic inflammation of the kidney filtering tissues and can overload the bloodstream with toxins causing urenia. Excess salts, proteins or other bio-chemicals create health problems from mild water retention to major kidney failure.

By the way dehydration is the most common stress on the kidney. Natural medicine emphasizes the importance of high quality water for healthy kidney.

Do you have?

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Irritated urination
  • Frequent unexplained chills
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Fluid retention
  • Bladder infection

If you do a gentle, natural 3 to 5 days Cleanse, might be just what you need.

5 Tips to Help

  • Drink 1 gallon of pure, fresh water daily
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol and animal protein
  • Take 15 chlorella tablet daily
  • Take hot and cold sitz baths

Signs that your body is responding to your Cleanse

  • The flow of urine increase and feel like gold
  • Infection of the bladder or irritated urination diminish
  • The kidneys are relieved of any stress

Bladder-Kidney Cleanse food plan

Start with 3 to 5-Day plan

The night before your Cleanse:

  • Make a quart of kidney tea.
  • Pour 1 quart of boiling water on 2 TBSP Chanca Pedra
  • Cover and steep for 10 minutes. Drink 4 times daily.

Note: This tea, gently cleanse kidney, liver and gall bladder over 6-12 months.

The next 3-5 days:

Morning: drink 1 quart of hot water with 1 lemon juice or fresh cranberry juice (cranberry juice reduce calcium in the urine by over 50% to reduce urinary tract infection).

Breakfast: have a glass of watermelon juice

Mid-morning: have a cup or two of warm kidney tea

Lunch: have a glass of fresh carrot, beet juice with 15 Chlorella tablets

Mid-afternoon: have a cup or two of kidney tea

Dinner: have a potassium broth

Before bed: take a glass of papaya with 1capsul of 50 billion probiotic

Detox Lifestyle

Choose bodywork and relaxation techniques to depend your cleanse.

  • Exercise: daily 60 minutes walk to keep kidney function flowing
  • Have a colon hydrotherapy the first, second and the last day of your kidney cleanse to help release toxins
  • Heat therapy as an infrared sauna to release toxins and excess fluids and to flush acids out through the skin
  • Apply hot ginger compressesto kidney area
  • Bladder/kidney baths: add 8-10 drops of essential oils, of lemon and cedarwood to 1 cup of sea salt, to your bath, stir and disperse.
  • Avoid antacids during your healing, some NSAIDS drugs have been implicated in kidney failures cases.

Following Diet 

After the cleanse, add sea foods and seaweed, whole grains and lots of vegetables. Continue with your gallon of water. Kidney healing foods includes garlic, onions, papaya, banana, watermelon, sprouts, leafy greens and cucumber. Eat those frequently for the rest of the month.

Avoid processed heavy starches, red or prepared meats, dairy except yogurt or kefir, salty, fatty and fast foods. Those foods stop the filtering of kidney.

Release your fear and flow!

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