31 Ways to Detoxify Your Body Daily!

31 Ways to Detoxify Your Body Daily!

  1. Replace amalgam filling in your mouth. Mercury or heavy metal, lower your energy
  2. Find an infrared sauna and start sweating. Spend 30 minutes daily, follow with a cold shower. Your skin will glow
  3. Drink 1 oz of wheat grass. It’s like a blood transfusion
  4. Cleanse your colon with a colon hydrotherapy a week
  5. Eat 35% of fiber. Add flax, chia or acacia, to act as a broom to flush your digestive system
  6. Take a hot bath to detoxify the pores of your skin, lower your blood pressure, dilate your blood vessels and relax your nerves
  7. Add 2 cups of sea salt to your hot bath to mineralize your body
  8. Add 2 cups of Epson salt for muscle aches
  9. Take a bath with rosemary or lavender
  10. Rub coconut oil on your face and body. It’s anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic …
  11. Clean your teeth with a water pic
  12. First thing, clean your gums and teeth with oil pulling for 15 min.
  13. Scrub your face and body with Baking soda,it’s good for the skin and leaves it smooth, soft and clean
  14. Apple cider is a good water additive to balance your body PH
  15. Mud bath will pull toxins out of your skin, also add some once a week to your shampoo
  16. Colloidal silver, safely kills virus, fungus, parasites
  17. Black walnut, clove and wormwood kills parasites
  18. Sangre de drago is the red sap of a tree from the amazon forest. It will close wounds, unhook parasites , can be use to heal IBS and cleanse kidney
  19. Mix cranberry and apple juice dilute with water, mix with chia to kill parasites
  20. Take a long cold shower daily
  21. Pau d’arco, ginger or cayenne is a great blood cleanser and increase your metabolism
  22. Exercise to cleanse your lymph gland. Use a trampoline
  23. A massage help you to sleep
  24. Morning meditation, before getting up, promote circulation and balance your mind and spirit
  25. Choose a positive affirmation to change one of your believes, before falling asleep:” I have a perfect, healthy body”
  26. Use a full spectrum light to stay happy and positive
  27. Ozone added to drinking water kills bacteria and parasites
  28. The eyes are the barometer of your liver health. Drink more water, carrot juice and do a liver cleanse
  29. Garlic clean your digestive system. It’s good for you children and pet
  30. Reflexology promote circulation
  31. Use castor oil on you liver to activate detox

Health is a process, enjoy the ride!

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