New Year 2020, 5-Day Weight Loss, Gut Reset

New Year 2020, 5-Day Weight Loss, Gut Reset

Do you want to know the number one rule to do for a healthy life? Glowing health starts with a tight gut.

When your gut is happy, you feel good all over. That’s because

  1. you are digesting your food properly
  2. you support a healthy weight
  3. you support your cardiovascular system
  4. you help maintaining blood sugar
  5. you promote brain health
  6. you help increase your  energy

Do you know that 70 % of your immune system is in your gut? And 90% of serotonin is produced there?

When you gut is sick (or tox-sick) you are miserable. That means you can feel:

  • bloated
  • constipated
  • diarrhea
  • gas

An unhealthy gut can also lead to:

  • immune problems
  • inflammation
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • skin conditions

So love and give your gut the respect it deserves.

11 Steps to keep a Happy, Healthy Gut and free you from bloating:

  1. Drink potassium broth or bone broth
  2. Make collagen a daily habit. Yes it can be vegan real foods that creates collagen, especially sea vegetables and algae like spirulina
  3. Eat lots of fiber
  4. Give grains and dairy a break
  5. Say “no” to sugar
  6. Eat prebiotic like asparagus, yicama, onions, leek, garlic and probiotic foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, pickes  and cocobiotic
  7. Stick to a natural schedule. Eat when the sun is up. Go to sleep at 10:00 pm, get up around 6:00 am
  8. De-Stress, rest and digest. Stress makes your gut more leaky
  9. Decrease antibiotic
  10. Have plenty of vitamin D like salmon, tuna, egg yolks, mushrooms and plenty of sunshine
  11. Try colon hydrotherapy while drinking your gallon of water and eating  REAL soft foods

Doing your 5-Day Cleanse


Celery juice first thing when getting up

Potassium broth

Steam broccoli with ghee

Chia seeds pudding with almond milk, 2 dates, cinnamon and blue berries

Potassium broth with instant bone broth (from Costco)

Your favorite protein with stream cauliflower rice with coconut oil


Day 2

Celery juice

Potassium broth or bone broth

Steam edamame bean with avocado

Chia seeds pudding with almond milk, 2 dates, ginger and chopped apples

Potassium broth or bone broth

Creamy asparagus soup



Fresh celery juice

Potassium broth with seaweed

Chia seeds pudding in almond milk, 2 prunes, cardamom and chopped mango

Bone broth

Chicken, cauliflower rice soup


Day 4

Celery, apple and lemon juice

Bone broth

Steam Brussels sprouts with ghee

Chia seeds pudding in cashew milk, 2 dates, cinnamon, chopped apples

Potassium broth

Butternut squash soup with curry and full fat coconut milk


Day 5

Celery juice

Potassium broth with seaweed

Steam broccoli with coconut

Chia seeds pudding in almond milk, 2 prunes, ginger and blueberries

Bone broth

Borscht cabbage, beet soup with ghee


Detoxify, nourish and reset your gut and so your health with this 5-Day cleanse once or twice a month this winter and watch your body change.

Tips to banish bloating

  • Drink potassium broth or bone broth
  • Have a fresh vegetable juice
  • Stop the carb and sugar
  • Have a glass of water
  • Sleep
  • Take a sauna follow with cold shower
  • Take a cold sitz bath
  • Take enzymes
  • Put a drop of peppermint in your water
  • Try colon hydrotherapy

Take the steps you need to live the life you deserve and you know you can create. You are the light and example for others.

Are you, busy women who have low energy and want to slim down the bloat?

If so, come to Adventure In Well Being, where we help you cleanse, detox, and educate you how to heal with colon hydrotherapy, liver cleanse, foods, herbs, essential oils and much more. Visit: to schedule your free consultation today!

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