The Power of Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy

The Power of Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy

The cause of all dis-ease is a blockage of one part of the body from the rest in some way. There can be:

  1. Blockages from blood flow
  2. Blockages from lymphatic flow
  3. Blockage of digestion
  4. Blockages of nutrition
  5. Blockages of elimination
  6. Blockages of the nerve flow
  7. Blockages of life energy or Chi
  8. Blockages of circulation
  9. Blockages of the emotions or Love flow

Every “sick” area of the body has some type of physical, emotional or spiritual blockage.

After 16 years plus of being a Colon Hydrotherapist, exploring numerous therapies, nothing broke up blockage and drove blood and life back into blocked, dis-eased area faster or better than Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy.

The human body is itself a body of water, made of 70 % water, most of the process needed to keep it running take place in water based solutions. Since ancient time, hot and cold water healed dis-ease, especially those that no doctor was able to help.

15 Benefits of Hydrotherapy

  1. Help with headache
  2. Help with anemia
  3. Help with insomnia
  4. Help with edema
  5. Help with menstrual problems
  6. Help muscle spasm
  7. Help with cardiac valve disorder
  8. Help with circulation
  9. Help high and low blood pressure
  10. Help back pain
  11. Help joint pain or any pain
  12. Help rheumatoid arthritis
  13. Help with fever
  14. Help remove candida
  15. Help with itching and eczema

Recipes or Method of administration

  • Morning shower: stand in your tub, turn cold on, follow with very hot and finish with cold. When time allow, do this a few time. Great for energy and feeling warm after.
  • Neutral bath: the body is immersed in water at 92-98 degree. This bath relieve insomnia, anxiety, depression, hypertension and peripheral edema, it last 15 minutes to 1 hour with 1 hour of rest afterward.
  • Small cold jets at 50-71 degree, aimed at specific muscles or joints for 1-3 min., can stimulate circulation and improve cardiac function.
  • Sitz baths; Hot sitz bath are suggested for uterine cramps and hemorrhoids. Cold sitz bath may relieve constipation and vaginal discharge. Alternating hot and cold may combat urinary-tract infections.
  • Alternating foot baths: immerse your feet in hot water for 5 minutes and then cold. Repeat twice. It dilates and contract vessels, moving the blood and lymph through the body. Help people with congestive heart failure.
  • Generally hot water is relaxing and cold water is stimulating. What is the condition in your body now? Hot or cold? Use water to bring more balance to your life.

The healing journey you are on is not a burden or a chore, but a blessing. It is your greatest adventure inward to discover and create a new life, a new you!

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