13 Health Benefits of Infused, Flavored, Detox Water

13 Health Benefits of Infused, Flavored, Detox Water

What is flavored water?

Since I had to stay home and be creative with what I have and what I grow in my garden boxes, I discover a new ways to bring flavor to my 4 quarts of water daily. Flavored water often know as detox water or herbs and fruits flavored water is nothing but cubed and cut pieces of fruits and vegetables immersed in a quart or pitcher of cold water. Most people who want to lose weight but eat healthy at the same time often start their detoxification process with the infused water. There is a whole lot of flavor to choose from, depending on what you have on hand and the kind of fruits or vegetables you like.

One great quality about infused water is that it contains no calories. It is best to make your own detox, infused water fresh daily rather than relying on store bought ones because you know it has no preservative and additives to increase the shelf life of the product.


  1. Aids weight loss and detoxification
  2. Fill you up
  3. Energizes you
  4. Uplift your mood
  5. Improve digestion
  6. Restore the vitamins and minerals balance
  7. Freshens the breath
  8. Help with heart burns
  9. Improves skin quality
  10. Restore hydration in the body
  11. Cool the body temperature
  12. Keep blood sugar in control
  13. Boost immune system


Pineapple or strawberries detox water

  • 1cup fresh fruits
  • 1 cup of ice (optional)
  • Enough pure water to fill 1 quart mason jar


Put the pineapple in the bottom of the jar and top with the ice to keep the fruits submerged. Fill the jar with water. Refrigerate for 1 hour so the flavor can mix. The flavor will continue to develop over time. As you drink the detox water, you can continue to add water to the pitcher until the fruit no longer infuses the water with flavor.

PS: remember to clean your mason jar regularly with a cleaning solution or the dishwasher.

Delicious flavor water includes:

  1. Apple infused water
  2. Black grape and lime
  3. Pineapple and mint
  4. Orange and rosemary
  5. Cucumber and lemon
  6. Blueberry and lemon
  7. Watermelon and basil
  8. Strawberry and lime
  9. Cranberry and orange
  10. Mango and ginger
  11. Grape and orange
  12. Grapefruit and rosemary
  13. Ginger and lemon
  14. Fresh whole rose and mint (my favorite)
  15. Cherry and lemon
  16. Kiwi and thyme
  17. Honeydew melon

Be Well My Friends. Our body and the earth are transforming and be lighter.
Enjoy the Journey!

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