18 Health Benefits of Lemonade

18 Health Benefits of Lemonade

Everyone must has the childhood memory of a cup of cold lemonade drink in a hot summer and how this simple beverage could make a bright hot summer day into a cool one. When you’re getting older, you will find more varieties of lemonade drink because this kind of beverage could be consumed cold with ice during summer but also could be consumed hot with honey during colder day.

The Best 19 Health Benefits of Fresh Lemonade.

1. Help Digestion

Conditions like heartburn and stomach reflux are not really easy to deal with but the compound well known as D-limonene found in lemon is effective to help relieving those stomach conditions. Not only that, you could also add some few drops of lemon juice to your foods to optimize the function.

2. Help with Constipation

The key to constipation is only consuming foods or beverages rich of fiber. Lemonade drink contains relatively high soluble fiber which is great to your digestion system and treating constipation naturally.

3. Natural Blood Purifier

Do you know that not all things you eat are great for your health? A glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade drink after a big meal could help your body eliminating all harmful properties from your body system. In other words, all kind of diseases that are using blood to spread the virus could be treated just by consuming lemonade drink regularly.

4. Great to Lower Fever

Fever is mainly caused by viral infection. Some people will prefer to consume high dosage of vitamin C supplement instead of medicine to deal with this condition. Well, since lemonade drink contains up to 53 mg or vitamin C per 100 gram of lemon, it is better to drink warm lemonade drink than consume vitamin C supplement.

5. Solution to Dental Care

The acidic content in lemonade drink is actually great for dental care could maintain the health of your tooth as well as the gum. However, too much of them will be really harmful for your tooth, so you have to make sure to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after a glass of lemonade drink.

6. Great Weight Loss Solution

It is a common knowledge that anything acidic is great for weight loss because it could burn calories and fats effectively. The result of a glass of warm lemonade drink regularly could help you keeping yourself in great shape.

7. Natural Detox for Your Body

Kidney has prominent role in making sure your body is free from toxins. However, too much toxins and salt in your body will force your kidney to work too hard. Some compounds found in lemon will assist in optimizing the function of kidney to make sure your body is detoxified easily.

8. Help Rheumatism and Arthritis

Lemon is also containing some powerful anti-inflammatory properties that are great to treat rheumatism and arthritis.

9. Excellent for Throat Infection

Throat infection is caused by bacteria that will make you difficult or feel painful while swallowing. This condition is not going to be fatal but will make you so uncomfortable. A glass of warm lemonade drink will relieve the throat and the anti-septic properties will kill the bacteria completely.

10. Helps Controlling Blood Pressure

It is a common knowledge that potassium could act as anti-sodium. The excessive sodium in the blood is the main cause of the spike of blood pressure. Just a cup of warm lemonade drink in the morning could help you controlling the blood pressure level.

11. Great for Heart

The combination of potassium and vitamin C are giving powerful effect to heart or cardiovascular health in general. The fiber will assist in lowering cholesterol while potassium will control the excessive amount of sodium to control blood pressure.

12. Reduces Mental Stress

When you feel stressful because of some factors like pressure from work or personal problem, why don’t you try to have some time for yourself and enjoy a glass of warm lemonade drink? The calming effect will help you reducing the mental stress.

13. Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair

Vitamin C and vitamin E are the reasons why lemonade drink is great for the healthy skin and hair. Those combinations will promote the skin’s cell regeneration and make sure your scalp is optimally oxygenated to promote healthier hair growth.

14. Prevents the Development of Kidney Stones

One of the compounds found in lemonade drink is citric acid. Some studies have shown the strong relation between these compounds to the reduction of kidney stones.

15. Solution to Anemia

The main cause of anemia is when body is suffering from iron deficiency. Lemon is not rich of iron but vitamin C found in lemonade will make sure the optimal absorption of iron you got from other foods.

16. Natural Immunity Booster

As beverage which is rich of vitamin C, lemonade drink is great for immunity booster. If you are suffering from flu, don’t touch any medicine before you drink a glass of warm lemonade drink. In an instant you will feel much better

17. Recommended for Diabetes

Do you know that the soluble fibers contained in lemonade drink could help you slowing down the digestion? This condition is great for diabetes because the absorption of sugar and starch will be slowed down as well so the glucose in the blood stream could be controlled.

Lemonade drink is the most delicious way to enjoy all the health benefits of lemonade drink. However, you should really careful with the sugar content especially for you who are currently in weight loss diet or having diabetic condition. Since, you cannot consume lemonade drink without sweetener, instead of sugar, you could use honey instead. Warm lemonade drink made from fresh-squeezed lemon is very healthy and delicious if you add honey to it instead of sugar.

18. Help improve eye health

Rutin, found in lemon reduce symptoms of eye problem by regulating blood flow to the retina.


Words of Caution

Do not drink if

  • Allergic to citrus
  • Have diarrhea
  • Week teeth

Recipe to make daily

  • 12 oz pure water
  • Juice of one fresh lemon
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup or honey

Eating with the season is a must. January, February, March, April is citrus time. When you take your daily walk around Santa Rosa, you can see all those beautiful lemon trees in everyone’s garden. After a long winter the body is ready to wake up, cleanse and enjoy more sunshine. Choose to drink a daily lemonade or 2 and alkalinize your gut.

Tired, bloated or constipated, call us 707-545-2423 to feel lighter and healthier!


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