Vegan Ease

Vegan Ease

Ideas for making your transition easy!

Veganism is trending today and while most people don’t choose a vegan lifestyle for it’s cool factor, that popularity has made it easier to choose a plant-based diet.

I remember to do that 40 year ago and everybody thought I was crazy. Then I tried raw food for 1 year. 10 years ago my oldest son, Naiche, told me grain was for peasant. Yes it’s much easier right now to choose to eat MORE fruits and vegetables.

8 Reasons to Go Vegan:

  1. A low- fat vegetable diet can help promote weight loss and prevent obesity
  2. Vegan are more likely to avoid heart dis-ease and high blood pressure
  3. Vegan are less prone to developing diabetes
  4. Eliminating animal protein from the diet may lower risk of osteoporosis
  5. A high-fiber, low fat vegetable diet may help prevent cancer
  6. Vegan is most energy-efficient
  7. Vegan feel good because it help make the world a better place
  8. Plant-based diet help raise the vibration of the body

Fresh picked  vegetables keep the body HEALTHY. Whether you decided to switch to a vegan diet to help prevent the exploitation of animals, to improve your health, to promote a green planet or all of the above, here are a few strategies to start your vegan journey:

  • Built on what you already know. You likely have some plant- based meals that you love. For me, a breakfast idea is a chia pudding with fresh cashew milk and a handful o blueberries or a green smoothie. For lunch, have a small fruit salad with seasonal fruits drizzle with liquid gold sesame butter. For dinner, have 7 kind of vegetables like beets salad, kale salad, tomato salad with sprouts, tofu, tempeh, avocado and a lentil stew or zucchini, sweet potato, beet, carrot, butter squash, spaghetti squash noodles.
  • Start with one meal a day. Committing to one plant- based meal per day is a great start. You might try breakfast with hot steal cut oat with raw nuts and nondairy milk. For the weekend have avocado toast on fresh baked sourdough bread and a sprinkle of your favorite spices or a tofu scramble with veggies.
  • Think proportions. Gradually increase the number of plant-based food to 3 fruits and 7 vegetables daily and decrease the rest.
  • Do your homework. Find new recipes on YouTube to transform what you like. Homemade nut milk and cheese can be a new way to replace dairy food. Watch documentaries on living the plant- based life style. When shop read your labels and mainly shop at farmers market.
  • Make a superfoods plan. Vegan need to be sure to get enough of the following nutrients:
    • B12 replace with nutritional yeast
    • Vitamin D replace with mushroom and daily sunshine on your body
    • Omega 3 replace with chia seeds
    • Iodine replace with seaweeds
    • Ion, calcium and zinc replace with pumpkin and sesame seeds

Finally have fun and discover a new way to eat, to feel and to poop. Yes eating more fruits and green vegetables will help you to be more regular.

You can go fast or slow as you want in arriving at “full veganhood”

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