Detox Bath

Detox Bath

Daily Detox Bath Benefits in a Cold Gel Pack

As you know I always like to share with you my daily health routine. Today, I would like to talk about my favorite one that I have been practicing the last 4 years. I learn about it from France Guillain, who wrote 12 books about it in French.

  1. No Time for a cold Detox Bath?
  2. Want to cleanse daily
  3. No Problem!

The Cold Gel Pack application is a powerful way to eliminate toxins, fat and cellulite on a daily basis. Additionally, the cold gel packs are recommended to maximize exercise performance and speed up recovery from intense exercise by stimulating both the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

The Role of Cold Gel Packs and the Detox Bath in Fat Burning and Detoxification

Natural cleansing and healing by means of hot and cold baths, friction, compresses and cold packs has been widely practiced by naturopaths, doctors and ordinary folk throughout history. Used regularly, these simple hygienic methods have proven to be effective in achieving and maintaining overall optimal health.

When exposed to cold temperatures, the body has to burn energy and fat to reheat itself. Cold is also said to activate the brown fat, which in turn boosts the metabolism and helps burn the deposited white fat. Since toxins are known to live in white fat cells, this action is believed to effectively boost toxin elimination.

More recent research confirms this concept and demonstrates the benefits of using cold water or ice to trigger fat and toxin elimination. Dr Joseph Mercola, an online natural health expert, writes:

“Research suggests that calorie combustion in brown fat may be of significance for your metabolism, and brown fat is effectively activated by cold temperatures. In one recent study, men burned more calories and lost more white fat, the kind that causes obesity, when exposed to ice cold temperatures”.

According to coach and author Ben Greenfield, the benefits of cold exposure are numerous and include:

  1. Lowering body fat
  2. Increasing hormone levels
  3. Improving sexual performance and fertility
  4. Cutting food cravings
  5. Improving adrenal function
  6. Enhancing immune function
  7. Improving deep sleep quality
  8. Reducing inflammation
  9. Reducing gray hair

A simple and natural way to boost metabolism and trigger and increase fat elimination is to wear a frozen gel pack or frozen water bottle. The cold gel pack action and effects are very similar to those of the “Original Detox Bath “ by Louis Kuhne, a natural method to effectively eliminate toxins and fat. It entails cooling down your core area (groin) with freezing cold water bottle for at least 3 hours daily.

The Cold Gel Pack provides the same benefits as the Detox Bath. You simply wear the pack (designed specifically for this purpose) inside your underwear for 2 to 4 hours. It’s just as effective and works well for those who don’t have enough time to spare for a daily Detox Bath.

The Bikun Cold Gel Pack

Manufactured in Italy, The BIKUN® is a state-of-the-art gel pack that has been specifically designed for comfort and ease of use. It comes with its own removable microfiber washable pouch, to prevent direct contact with the skin. The microfiber pouch should be removed before placing the gel pack in the freezer.

The cold gel pack should be used for 3 to 4 hours to achieve the benefits of a 10-minute Cold Detox Bath. It has no effect once it gets warm. When your gel pack (or freezing water bottle) is warm, it’s time to replace it with another one. This detox modality has to be done daily for successful results.

Method: Cool the gel pack for at least 60 minutes in the freezer, before applying to groin and genital areas. Place in its microfiber cover and apply inside your underwear for immediate relief and to reap the benefits of a Detox Bath. You can make several applications daily while going about your chores or while resting or relaxing.

To reap optimal benefits try to walk for a good hour while wearing the gel pack then leave it for another hour while sitting down or tending to other chores. If the pack is no longer cool, remove cover and put back in the freezer until frozen, then resume.

For optimal results, cold gel packs should be used for 3 to 4 hours a day. Use the pack as long as it remains cold and remove it as soon as it feels warm. Keep your “Gel Pack” wrapped in a plastic bag in your freezer to ensure hygiene and conservation.

PS: Keep your body warm while using the gel pack to enhance its effect.

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