6 Spring Cleansing Tips

6 Spring Cleansing Tips

Herbal Detox Support

Spring is a time for new beginning, getting rid of the old, including toxins that accumulated in the body, especially liver, during winter time.

Signs of liver and gallbladder

  • Chronic stress on the right side of the body, neck and shoulder
  • Fatigue
  • Hormones out of balance like hot flashes and PMS
  • White color stools
  • Nausea after eating fat
  • Pain on the right side of ribs
  • Waking up between 1-3 am

Clean out and move on

  1. Spiced Lemon morning drink. Squeeze ½ lemon into 1 cup of hot water. Add a pinch of cinnamon. Slowly sip this cleansing drink when you wake up to gently flush liver and kidney of toxins and waste.
  2. Green life cocktail. Leafy, dark green, are full of amino acid, fiber anti-oxidants, potassium, flavonoids, carotenoids, lutein, folic acid and chlorophyll. Juice a whole head of celery with parsley and drink first thing in the morning.
  3. Herbal teas. Dandelion root provides gentle liver decongesting by stimulating bile and reducing inflammation. Drink 2 cup of tea daily. Spring Detox teas includes: Curcumin, Gentian root, Milk thistle, Oregon grape, Yellow dock.
  4. Fruits and vegetables. Daily eat 3 fruits and 7 vegetables. Green vegetables are high in Chlorophyll and magnesium, they are diuretic. Cruciferous vegetables help the liver to produce detoxifying enzymes. Sulfur rich foods such as garlic, onion and daikon radish help the liver eliminates toxins. Eat arugula, burdock, cilantro, collards, dandelion greens, lettuce, kale, mustard greens, parsley, spinach and watercress. Include fresh sprouts like alfalfa, bean and broccoli in your diet.
  5. Apple cider vinegar, honey, cayenne H2O. This fat flushing drink is diluted with water. Use 1-2 tablespoons with water before meals.
  6. Chia seeds. They are rich in fiber and a natural source of omega 3s, which lower the stress hormone cortisol. Chia seeds are nutritionally dense and full of antioxidants, vitamin C, minerals and protein. Consume 2-3 tablespoon per day, added to smoothies, overnight oats, soups, stews, and dressing or sprinkled on eggs and veggies.

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