Hello Christine, Alma here – I wanted to thank you again for having been my hands on instructor and mentor! I passed my NBCH test.
I can finally feel like I can breathe

Fresno, CA 5/26/2024

Good morning! It’s Heidi, I lost 13 lbs doing the cleanse . So grateful for all the great recipes you created. This is the beginning of my healthy lifestyle. Jon and I will be coming once a month. Thank you for your kindness and wisdom. See you at the end of the month.

H. W. S.
Sebastopol CA 3/1/2024

My experience with the Ion Foot Detox Bath was extremely pleasant. Christine was amazing, she gave me a lesson on my health and diet. I really enjoyed my visit with Christine and all of her knowledge.

E.H. Petaluma

Thank you Christine
I truly appreciate the “Advanced Sibo Detox “ I got in your office.
I eat now well
And sleep really good
So I’m afraid to stop and get worse
Sibo takes longer to get it out of my gut
So I’m going to continue taking this product

Christine you taught me 3 years ago to hug heart to heart. It’s not enough word or money to thank you for all that you do!

CA 3/28/22

Christine, you are really, really doing great work. You make the world a better place! Thank you.

P. L.
Santa Rosa, Ca 9/26/2019

I feel like a new person!!  I had several weekly colonic sessions with Christine, 9 or 10.  Doing colonics reinforces a cleaner diet for me.  Christine is good at giving me tips that help a lot too, like drinking more water and chewing my food better.  Two weeks ago I did a 5-day juice feast and just yesterday I did the liver flush.  Today I feel so calm and peaceful.  I have a lot more energy, my digestion has improved, my allergies are gone, and I have a renewed sense of well-being. I also notice that all my cravings are gone.  I definitely recommend working with Christine to  achieve your health goals and improve your life!

Santa Rosa, CA 6/3/19

Your 10-Day Cleanse is life changing, Christine. One week ago I needed a kick in the butt and today, day 6, I feel so good. Thank you!

Santa Rosa, CA 5/15/19

I have been doing Colon hydrotherapy in a lot of different places and yours gives me the most positive and enjoyable experience. The color light, the essential oils, the ball massage, the warmth of the room and the ball massage helps me feel so much better.

P. H.
Santa Rosa, CA 5/13/19

Thank you Christine. You’ve improved the quality of my life

78 years young. Mill Valley, CA

When I first came to Adventure In Well Being, I felt tired, constipated and depressed. I was unable to physically and mentally do the activities that I love. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

I wanted to try colon hydrotherapy after a lifetime (4 years) of constipation. After the first season I was excited and very toxic for several sessions.

Then I started feeling better, increased bowel movement and amazing weight lost. After several sessions and 2 liver cleanse my energy finally increased. Now I am feeling more confident to do the physical activities that I love like sailing and hiking.

Clearlake, CA – 9/21/18

Thank you Christine, for all you do! It if weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even know about liver flushes. Your knowledge and support in the area are great.

Santa Rosa, CA 9/19/18

Before I started with Christine I ate everything without thinking about it. I was overweight and what I was eating was not working for me to lose fat.
After the first session I felt great.
After my liver cleanse my waist was a lot smaller. (I lost around +- 10 LB)
During this 10-Day Cleanse, I received lots of useful information in relation to my health. Now I have new options on food I can eat. I can eat healthy and be satisfied.

Santa Rosa, CA 7/27/2018

I am so grateful for your services Christine: colon hydrotherapy, liver cleanse. Thank you

Santa Rosa, CA 4/27/18

Thank you so much Christine, I finally slept a whole night after my liver cleanse and cold detox bath with you. It had been 2 months no sleep because of the itching eczema. You are my Angel, thank you.

San Francisco, California 3/3/2018

I knew you from a previous colon hydrotherapy session and thought you were the right person. So I came from Argentina, my country, and did a complete Cleanse with you.

Before I started I felt low energy and as if my body would be stuck energetically. I was tired all day long.

After the first session I felt very confident. After the liver cleanse, I feel very clear and energetic. My period is smoother emotionally and physically. My varicose veins look better and less painful.

Buenos Ares. Argentina 2/8/2018

When I stated I had low thyroid, low energy and week muscles. I met you before and discussed cleansing. I felt safe and confident with you. After my first session I felt safe, very comfortable, relaxed about the process and surprised of all the rewarding , fun therapies.

On this day 10, I lost 14 lb, my muscles are stronger, I have more energy and I feel lighter.

How did the 10-Day Complete Cleanse impacted my life?

  • I will teach others what is available here
  • I will share my results
  • The experience meets a derp spiritual need I have to uplift others with natural healing knowledge.

Santa Rosa, CA 1/23/2018

I came to Christine because I had cancer in a few lymph nodes, metastatic breast cancer.

I learned a lot in the first session and it inspired me to keep going. Christine is simply amazing. I felt a change within 2 days. Bumps and lumps were disappearing and my body and mind felt clear. After the liver cleanse every ache and pain in my body vanished. I feel like I am 20 years young.

Today, day 10, I feel alive and thriving for the first time in a long time. My body feels strong and I am walking away with so much helpful info to stay healthy. 10-Day is the way to go.

Christine is not only an educator but she is s master healer. Thank you Christine ❤

Charlotte, NC 11/11/17

You create a safe cleansing space for me.

Santa Rosa, CA 11/8/17

Before I started colon hydrotherapy with Christine, I was overweight, had belly fat, no sex drive, angry and I had so much sugar cravings. What inspired me was my husband asking me if we could loose weight together. After my first session I felt enlightened. It opened up my eyes to begin taking better care of myself. Then I started loosing weight (20 lb after 2 month), I had a better attitude, my sexual drive returned. I feel so relived, hopeful. Adventure in Well Being saved my life and opened my eyes to better take care of my health.

Santa Rosa 8/30/17

Before my 10-Day Better Body Simple Cleanse, I had foggy thinking, sick feeling, food cravings, cramping and bad sleeping.

After my first session, I was very tired, cold sensitive, headache from caffeine withdrawal. By the 4th day, I felt very energized and less spongy.

Today is day 10, I feel light in my body and clearer head. In the future I will think about everything I eat and stay focused on my health and well being.

Santa Rosa, CA 8/25/17

It was an honor and a pleasure to speak at the I-ACT Convention! You are not just a practitioner, you are an angel. Most people don’t get that your practice has as much to do with opening the heart as it does with irrigating the colon. In time, we will elevate that awareness. We can make that happen!

Frank Ferrante
from the movie: “May I be frank’

Before I started to cleanse with Christine, I had pain on the right side of my back and I had been dealing with psoriasis all over my body. Right away after the first session, I felt lighter, better and hopeful. The pain in my back went away on the 3rd day of the cleanse. After my liver cleanse, I feel more energized, my skin looks much better. Today I feel better overall and I can do more around the house.

Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I enrolled in the 10 day hydrotherapy colon cleanse. What a difference it has made to my overall health and well being. By the 2nd day, a noticeable difference was observed by my friends in my energy and clarity of my field, by the 5th day no more headache, by the 10th day… Wow! Christine provides so much information to digest through recommendations from doctors, nutritionists and scientists on food, exercise and overall body health. I will be making colon hydrotherapy a part of my ‘keep healthy plan’!

Forestville, 2/10/17

Feeling so grateful for you tonight. I love you my sweet friend of many years.
Thank you for taking such good care of me, and loving me…loving my family by way of working so hard to gift me and my loved ones with healing me. My kids and husband have you to thank for making healing possible for mom.
You are such a gift in my life. ❤

Sebastopol, CA

Before my second 10-Day Cleanse, my health challenges, were constipation, brain fog, bloating, weight gain, not clear headed upon waking.

My clothes felt tight and I was frustrated by bad habits.

With my first 10-Day cleanse, this program enabled me to quit drinking Diet Coke, cold turkey, by removing cravings.

The initial results were amazing, I felt lighter and happier after the third session. Then brain fog lifted, I was less bloated, I was more alert and clear in the morning.

My life is changed again, I am hopeful and happy, planning better eating regime to continue my journey to better heath.


Before I started my 10-Day Simple Cleanse, I had arms, knee and back pain, I was pre-diabetic with no energy and overweight.
I had  difficulty completing my work. Then my life changed better and better everyday of the cleanse, I wanted to really be healthy.

The process was so comfortable, inspiring and safe.

After 5 day of cleansing, I had more energy, less pain in my lower back. I lost 16lb.

Now I have lots of energy, complete all my tasks with ease. I am so happy and I feel healthy.

M. L.
Santa Rosa, CA

Thanks for the treatment today, I’m feeling great!

I was saying that most health issues, in my opinion, can be resolved by 2 investigations:

1. Parasite and candida cleanse (followed by colon hydrotherapy and a liver flush)

2. Sleep Apnea check, which is almost always CNS related, and can be cleared by correcting the musculature and spinal structure by a biodynamic manual manipulation osteopath.

Once these items are completed, the patient needs to drop gluten completely and move to a whole foods diet, include some movement each day, and correct their posture, which is how they likely created 2 above.

For extra credit, they can listen to positive recordings and meditate a few times a week. Getting some daily sunshine also adds nicely into the mix.

With my prescription above, with annual maintenance on the cleanses, I believe you can live to at least 100 without any major issues, and have a great quality of life.

I would guess my prescription would cost the patient less than $1,000 a year.

Small price to pay for health and vitality.

Thanks again!


Before I started the 10-Day Better Body Cleanse, my left foot was swelling, I had vertigo, swollen red eye, dizziness, anxiety, fatigue, dull tenderness pain in right side of abdomen, cloudy and foggy brain, loss of focus, anemia, depression, itchy ears.

Those problems made me sick, unable to normal day to day tasks, to work and focus because I couldn’t keep up with my life with 4 sons in the house. The turning point was being in bed for 6 ½ days, several trip to ER with no real answer, only to found out that I was anemic and had a UTI, that was it.

What attracted me to work with Christine was my intuition. A good friend of mine, who had done the 10-Day colon and liver cleanse, recommended me and I did not hesitate to make an appointment.

After the first session, I felt relieve, hope and aware. Everyday has left me feeling better than the last. I stopped coffee and I have more energy now. Every session has removed physical and emotional toxins. I am more and more conscious, alive and free. Day 8 of liver cleanse, awake me to a new level of consciousness which is growing more every day since.

I feel healthy again. It has helped me and my sons in every aspect. I am happy and alive again. I am ready for love and presence. I can’t thank you enough, Christine, for the knowledge and compassion and beauty of being.

J. M.
Sebastopol, CA

Before I started Christine’s 10-Day Better Body Quick Cleanse, I had depression, low energy, difficulty breathing. I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

What attracted me to detox with Christine, was I knew she was an expert.

The results were immediate but It was on Day-6 that I felt like a different person. I didn’t even know how bad I felt until I started to feel alive.

After the 10-Day Cleanse, my depression is gone, muscles aches gone, skin cleared up, sleeping better, my energy is back. Finally hope! It becomes easier and easier to start eating better, exercising and because I was sleeping better, I got the rest I needed.

If I had to choose to spend my money between vacation and Christine 10-day Cleanse, I would choose the cleanse. It’s the single best thing I can do for myself.

Petaluma, CA

I feel emotionally released and physically lighter and mentally clear. The results are immediate. I feel more motivated to continue a clean lifestyle. Christine makes you feel so comfortable. She sets up the room with essential oils, color, music and a massage. I prefer this open system to the other method, the close system.”

Healdsburg, CA 6/24/15

After 15 colon hydrotherapy around the world, Adventure In Well Being has been the best set up and therapist that I have been to.”

Ian Clifford

Dear Christine,

Thank-you so much for giving the 10 Day Cleanse. All in all, it was wonderful and I want to do it again in 2 years, with Cary! We have put it on our manifestation list. In the meantime, I am incorporating things from the cleanse into my daily life. Lots to think about, lots to do. Yes, I got so much from the whole experience: the colon hydrotherapy, the talks with you, the CD’s and books and papers.

Oregon, 8/26/13

Before I started, I had back pain, join pain and so it was hard to exercise, it made me cranky, hard to sleep, pain, pain, pain.

What inspired me to do “The 10-Day Better Body Complete Cleanse” was that I wanted to improve the quality of my life what the Doctors couldn’t seem to do. I liked that you offered a full service with food and that your office was so clean.

The results were amazing: I lost weight starting the first day. After the liver cleanse my body aches improved drastically. Everyday got better.

Now I feel happier, my mood is not cranky, I feel uplifted and empowered.

Santa Rosa, 8/28/13

Before I started to work with Christine, I experienced bloating, discomfort, parasites and I never had a good sleep. I was consumed by poor and negative thought and finally I said: I am tired of being tired.

After only 3 days of Christine’s program, I felt incredible. My skin was clean, my mind was clear. I felt positive, lighter not angry and I became more disciplined with foods. I felt like a million dollars.

Novato, CA

Before I learned about Adventure In Well Being, I suffered extreme fatigue, brain frog and struggle to function with everyday life.

Afterwards, I saw many results because of the nutrition liquid diet, which helped my energy level back to normal. I felt great. I am unable to express how dramatically better I felt. I can live again.

Santa Rosa, CA

Before my 10 Day Cleanse, my descending colon hurt and I felt my system needed a reboot. After this inspiring 10 day, I felt motivated, better educated. My relationships are less blocked. There is greater flow in my work. I am clearer and stronger.

Santa Rosa, CA, 08/12

When I started to cleanse, I felt fatigue, depressed, with poor memory. I felt better and better each day of my 10 Day Cleanse. I will tell you:

• Layers of fatigue lifted away
• So much happier
• My skin is cleaner
• My lips are not chapped anymore
• I feel lighter and more relaxed
• I am more tolerant with my sons

Tiburon, 03/12

When I signed up for a 6 month Health Coach program with Christine, I wanted to stay on a healthy track after the 10 Day Better Body Simple Cleanse.

I immediately had a reference guide and in person support. After 6 month, I feel confident in my food choices, balanced spiritually, mentally and physically. I have a stronger will power, I received skills to make better choices in my overall health.

Windsor, 09/12

When I came to see Christine at Adventures in Well Being for a ten day cleanse. I had my doubts about what I was about to do, and wither if it would help me at all. At first I found it embarrassing and uncomfortable the process. But as I listen to the tapes each day as I clean my body. I understood there was a reason I was uncomfortable. And when Christine explained to me that are body’s carry and store past things in are organs and intestines. I started to imagine that the painful childhood I had was apart of my feeling weak and sick all the time . Not only that the stomach problems and bad digestion. But what really hit home was when she asked me if I wanted to live of not. And at that moment I answered I want to live. That was the time I made the commitment to make it through this strange new adventure I was on.

It wasn’t painful going through the cleanse, yet it took time and a lot of thought to what I was putting into my body. Not only the kind of foods I was eating but how I was not chewing my foods properly. After the ten day cleanse I felt so rejuvenated and revitalized. I felt I had gone through some kind of magical healing. Because I hadn’t felt that good in my entire life it was shocking. Months after the cleanse I still had something in my body that I knew wasn’t right. So I stuck to my new diet and didn’t eat breads. I made sure to get lots of fiber with Psyllium husks caps and drinking plenty of water as Christine recommended.

Then about six to seven months later I was in a lot of pain. My stomach hurt and I was still fighting what ever it was that was in my body. I could not sleep sometimes at night and the doctors told me after many test that there was nothing wrong with me. I thought they were all crazy and that they were lying to me. I thought I must have cancer and they didn’t want me to know.

One night after a lot of pain I fell to asleep and in the night a strange thing happen. That when I awoke the next morning I felt different. Not only did I feel different but I felt as if I had a death experience. And in my pajamas’s was a strange thing, I had an accident. At first I was shocked since this had never happen to me before. And when I looked at this strange thing that came out of my body it scared me. I thought where did this thing come from. Someone must be playing a joke me and put it there, but after looking at it I noticed that it looked like a large hair ball. About 5 inches long and a inch in diameter. Immediately I flushed it down the toilet. And felt like bathing my body in cleaning everything in the house. The bed the walls the entire place. Then after cleaning the entire place I took another bath. Now what was amazing was there was no more pain. I felt free lite and full of energy.

What happen next was funny. I felt like a child again and all at once I wanted to paint my room. So I went to the children s store and bought glow in the dark stars in little bottles and paint for the walls. I was so excited after this experience that after painting my room. I did the ceiling and while the paint was still wet I put down a brand new drop cloth. And started tossing the stars on the ceiling until I was able to complete the whole room. At night when I would go to bed and see the special stars it looked like I had the whole universe above me. And it was all mine! Then I would sleep sound and happy.

It wasn’t until at least 5 years later that I thought about my experience and what it was that came out of my body. I wanted to believe that someone else put it there. But after a lot of thought I realized a interesting story. When I was a young girl about the age of 6 I had medium long hair. And I would chew on my hair because of a bad habit I had. I was a sad and hungry who made this a bad habit.

My parents at that time would get upset that I was doing this. So upset that one day they asked the barber to cut my hair very short to put an end to it. It never dawned on me at the time that the hair I was chewing on as a child was in my body for almost 50 years. The death experience I know was because of something that happen to me when I got hurt as a young child. I had previously finished a three years of Cranial Sacral and was still processing it all.

Now I know that I what I went through was the whole experience again. But without the cleanse I feel I would not have been able to complete this Adventure in Well Being.

I thank you Christine for your loving knowledge and commitment in helping me get well and for others who want to live. Since you know who I am Christine I’m signing this with the name they use to call me when I was very little.

The Little Angel