Colon Hydrotherapy Certification

Colon Hydrotherapy Certification

At Adventure In Well Being we help students prepare for working in the field of colon therapy. The Level I 100-hour course is 10 consecutive days, in a intimate classroom setting. It is our goal that every student leaves this course not only learning how to perform colon therapy, but anatomy, physiology, business, ethics, sanitation, reflexology, acupressure, breath work, and basic information on herbs and nutrition to best assist their clients.

It is my personal promise to assure each student will receive the best training and will come away from our classes with a strong foundation in colon hydrotherapy. With this knowledge each student can effectively help their clients to learn a new cleansing life style.

Christine M. Esters
I-Act Colon Hydroherapist Instructor

Health is an adventure. Enjoy it.
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