Self Care Essentials

dry brushThe lymphatic system plays an important role in immunity, in fact, it is also called the immune system. It clears waste from the body and is a key component in the development of healthy cells. In Ayurveda the immune system is called Rasa river of life, when this lymph river is flowing our immunity is strong and we can fight infection and foreign invaders. Unlike the circulatory system, which has the heart to pump it, the lymph moves only when we do.

* Here are some ideas on supporting lymph flow and build circulation:

Dry Brushing then Body oil… “Shodhana & Abhyanga”

Dry Brush is a stiff brush with a long or short handle that is used on dry skin to invigorate the tissues for healthier lymph & blood flow. Use abrasive hand mitts or a loofah for the same affect.

Abhyanga is an ayuvedic daily practice of nourishing your body with oil for tissue strength, good complexion and connecting to self.

How to:
BEGIN at the fee using brisk, upward, invigorating motions towards heart
TURN the skin PINK then move one blood flow is building.
Also BRUSH the arms toward the heart and make sure to get the soft of the arm and armpits.
After dry brushing, either take a shower or just apply body oil following the path of the lymph, rubbing the oil into the skink.

Oils that are good for each dosha
VATA– Sesame, Maha Narayan, Ashwaganda, Castor
PITTA– Coconut, Hemp, Vitamin E
KAPHA– Olive, Sunflower, Bhringraj