Paraffin Detox Infusion for Hands and Feet

Unwind and Melt away stress

  • RedRock Detox: Uses powerful Arizona Red Rock Clay and Romanian green river silts to draw toxins out of the body to promote total wellness.
  • Relax and revel in warm physiotherapeutic paraffin infused with eleven vitamins, including A, C, E, D, B-5, B-12 – nutrients vital for your healthy skin.
  • Every treatment surrounds your hands and feet in your own personal paraffin-filled glove (not from a communal bath), locking in the skin’s natural moisture and relaxing tired muscles and joints with a deep, soothing heat.
  • PerfectSense™ paraffin delivers heat and hydration for soft, smooth skin and protection from dry, rough, achy or irritated hands and feet. Ideal for renewal and maintenance.

Stop Waiting to Detox!