The Better Body Complete Cleanse™

Complete, Simple, Effective, Natural

Our ten day program is a journey of letting go of the past and a rebirth into the new. It is a natural, age old process, incorporating pure water and herbs. We use natural gravity flow with our FDA registered units to gently flush and eliminate toxins that have been held in the body for a long time. By using colon hydrotherapy and removing the toxic material, the body is able to absorb food and heal itself naturally.

During the process, we massage your feet, tummy, and hands. We use color healing light, aromatherapy, hot stone massage and nutritional coaching. On the 7th day, it’s time for a liver cleanse. You will receive lots of information leading up to this part of the cleanse and how essential it is to concentrate on the liver.

Why? For the same reason you change the oil of your car to maintain good function of your vehicle. The liver has over 500 functions and it has been known to hold one’s anger and fear. Through this part of the cleanse process we will access stored anger and release it. Stones can be released from the body the next day, opening the blood vessels, allowing free flow in your veins. It is an awesome feeling! Pain feee on the 8th day, miracles have happened! Call (707) 545-2423 to schedule your appointment now!

Emotional release is part of this ten day cleanse which helps clear emotional issues that challenge your life now. This process will empower you to connect with your true self.

Each day, we provide you with specific nutritional soft foods for easy absorption: organic fresh juices, smoothies and soups. We follow the “food signatures” concept; such as pecans, walnuts and cauliflower that even looks like a brain and feeds the brain.

In addition, you will receive: Ion Foot Detox Baths, Infrared Saunas, Aromatherapy Massage and Herbs for maintenance, to help you let go and release.

Finish with a personal Graduation Ceremony to celebrate your new self.

Ask for our Cleanse schedule. Read more about Colon hydrotherapy here.

This Cleanse includes:

  • 10 sessions of colon hydrotherapy
  • 10 probiotic implants
  • Daily herbs & implant
  • Daily fresh organic juice or smoothie
  • Daily fresh soup + recipes
  • Daily liquid probiotic
  • Liver Cleanse, Kidney Cleanse
  • Emotional Cleanse
  • Ion Foot Detox Bath (2)
  • Infrared Sauna (8), skin brush,
  • Lymph massage daily on Zaaz machine
  • Biomat daily
  • Essential oils for your condition
  • One month supply of herbs to replenish
  • Daily cleanse education, journal, DVD, books

Ready to cleanse? Make your appointment now.

How to prepare at home before your cleanse:

1. Read my book The 10-Day Better Body Cleanse for recipes (read more here)

2. Eat soft foods (fresh juice, smoothies, simple soups and one gallon of water) read more here

Before I learned about Adventure In Well Being, I suffered extreme fatigue, brain frog and struggle to function with everyday life.

Afterwards, I saw many results because of the nutrition liquid diet, which helped my energy level back to normal. I felt great. I am unable to express how dramatically better I felt. I can live again.

Misty, Santa Rosa, CA